Mathematics Vision

Our maths curriculum recognises that early mathematics is the development of young children’s skills from being able to count and recognise shape, to the ability to recognise, order, compare and calculate increasingly larger numbers in a variety of ways, measure, read time, handle money, fluently recall number facts, recognise shape and their properties and provides them with the skills in how to problem solve, reason and be resilient within their learning. Maths is taught using White Rose Schemes of learning that include sequences of blocks and small steps, which enables maths to be delivered in a logical order and revisited throughout the year. Our EYFS also use the White Rose schemes for Reception as it enables us to deliver effectively the foundational knowledge needed for transition to KS1.

Children do not automatically learn maths and we recognise that starting points for our children are different, these skills are specifically taught in a sequential and progressive way. This is so that children develop a deep knowledge and secure counting and calculation skills. Providing high-quality learning experiences, allows us to create the necessary foundation to help children master essential mathematical understanding and problem solving skills.


Subject Leader Promise:

Our names are Miss Thompson and Miss Smith and it is our promise that every child will have a secure understanding of all mathematical concepts, we use the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) to support all children accessing age related mathematical concepts. We know that children need to make links between practical equipment, pictures and abstract numbers to become confident mathematicians. The structure for maths we have devised enables the children to make connections, build fluency and be confident when reasoning mathematically. We teach mathematics daily in every year group to ensure that our children have the opportunity to become fluent mathematicians. We also use our Alexandra Promise to support the maths curriculum with a wide range of activities such as; baking, going to the shop to buy something and creating maps.

Link Governor: Mrs Stembie


Maths Curriculum:

At Alexandra Infants’, the maths curriculum and lesson structure is devised to ensure that the children achieve the following:

  • Automaticity of key mental instant recall facts, concepts, rules and accurate methods, ensuring that children can apply these efficiently in their calculation work
  • Independence and confidence in the retrieval of skills to deepen their understanding and master the curriculum
  • Confidence to communicate ideas in written and oral responses, explaining their reasoning
  • Gain a wide mathematical vocabulary that can be applied independently in maths lessons and across the curriculum
  • Logical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills
  • The flexibility and fluidity to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics
  • Positive attitudes towards maths and a belief that they can succeed, building resilience so that they learn from mistakes

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Educational Experiences

The children have access to a variety of wider curriculum activities throughout the academic year such as:

  • Maths week
  • Number day
  • Bake sales


Curriculum Documents:

Maths Long Term Plan Nursery
Maths Long Term Plan Reception
Maths Long Term Plan Year 1
Maths Long Term Plan Year 2

Maths AIS Policy 
Maths Consistency Document
Addition Calculation Policy
Subtraction Calculation Policy
Multiplication Calculation Policy
Division Calculation Policy
Presentation and Marking Policy