‘Leaders and staff work hard to support pupils and families in lots of different ways. They have created a safe, nurturing place where pupils feel happy, valued and secure. Pupils’ positive attitudes to school mean lessons run smoothly.’
‘Leaders have created the ‘Alexandra promise’, which sets out many worthwhile activities. Staff ensure pupils have a wealth of memorable experiences, from having a picnic to visiting a museum. These broaden pupils’ horizons and enrich their education.’
‘Many pupils start school with little knowledge of English. Leaders have established a consistent, well-resourced approach to teaching reading in response. Senior staff lead by example and make sure everyone knows exactly what to do and how to teach reading well.’
‘Pupils who need extra help with language and learning are made to feel welcome. Leaders provide extra help for families too. Whether it be pastoral or language support, staff go out of their way to meet families’ needs.’
‘In deciding how best to provide meaningful pastoral support, leaders think carefully about the local community and its needs. Parents value this and have many positive words to say about the school. In particular, they praise the inclusive ethos and community-minded leadership.’
‘From the start in Nursery, leaders are quick to identify and support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Using specialist advice from other agencies, they make sure that staff and parents know how to support individual needs. Consequently, pupils with SEND are fully included in all aspects of the curriculum and school life.’
‘Governors and trustees understand their roles and bring a healthy level of challenge and support to the school.’
Leadership and management is graded as Good. 
‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.’
Ofsted – November 2022