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Free School Meals, Easter Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

During the 2 week Easter period the school will be providing parents/carers (who are eligible for benefit related Free school meals) with the Free School Meal vouchers.  In line with government recommendations this will also be increased to £15.00 per week.  The schools do not usually provide any form of FSM entitlement during the holiday period, however, the New Guild Trust board have decided that under the current circumstances we will support our parents and will provide this additional support over the Easter period. 

We will still use the company Wonde during this period and will provide you with 2 weeks worth of vouchers (£30.00 in total).  If you are having any issues getting your vouchers please email the school at

After the Easter period we will be moving to the new government Free School Meal vouchers system (Edenred), we will send out further information on this over the coming week.

Thank you and stay safe,

Kind regards,

Alexandra Infants’ School

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