History Vision

At Alexandra Infants’ our challenge curriculum is designed to develop a sense of chronology and appreciation of changes over time. We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning and making links across the curriculum, their personal lives and the wider world.  We use questions to begin our lessons to elicit children’s thoughts and feelings and, where appropriate, use these ideas to lead learning.

The children access a range of visits, visitors and wow events in school to launch or apply learning in different contexts. We provide opportunities to encourage a rich use of language and develop communication skills.


Subject Leader promise:

My name is Mrs Ash and I am the history subject leader at Alexandra Infants’ school. My promise to our children is to ensure that they all have a real understanding of their place in history and how events and individuals can have a lasting effect on the world.

I have worked hard to develop a curriculum that creates curiosity, builds on prior learning, enables children to retrieve and apply previously taught skills. The curriculum is relevant to all our pupils as it starts out in the Early Years thinking about their past and present lives, progressing through Year 1 and Year 2 where the pupils deepen their understanding of chronology and discover significant events and individuals that became local and global heroes.

Our history floor books celebrate the work that the children take part in and enable me to carefully monitor the quality of the history curriculum. Pupil conversations enables children to express their views thoughts and feelings to enable me to continually improve and adapt the curriculum to give our children the best beginning in their historical journey.

Link Governor: Mr A Powell.

History Curriculum:

At Alexandra Infants’, the history curriculum is split into topics. These topics ensure that the children gain the common body of knowledge set out by the national curriculum.  Our school uses the Alexandra Promise that supports the history curriculum visiting a museum, however we also strive to exceed this promise by experiencing a range of museums to increase the breadth of their experiences.

Educational Experiences

Practical experiences are an integral part of the history curriculum and the visits enrich a child’s experience of a particular topic and/ or concept. We include as many opportunities as we can to include enquiry into our topics to enhance learning. These are some of the activities that our children have had the opportunity to experience:

Visits to museums: The Brampton Museum to explore the history of toys, Gladstone Pottery Museum to explore local history and gain an appreciation for the skills developed in this area. Alongside this we have immersed the children in history through the Victorian school experience day.


Curriculum Documents:

History Curriculum Overview
History Vertical Progression
History Skills Progression
History Policy