Design and Technology Vision

Our Design and Technology curriculum is designed to excite, inspire and engage young children in positive and inclusive learning opportunities. We believe that children should be actively engaged in authentic and exciting lessons where they are able to take ownership of their learning. By giving the children opportunities to design, make and evaluate their own products, we aim to develop confident, competent learners.

We embrace connections to other areas of the curriculum in order to provide context and real life opportunities for the children. This enables them to see the value of Design and Technology across the curriculum, as well as in its own right. The curriculum area also promotes language development and offers lots of speaking and listening opportunities for the children when talking about their products.

Subject Leader Promise:

I, Mrs Heath, am the Design and Technology lead at Alexandra Infants’ school. I believe that a creative curriculum promotes a more inclusive environment which for the children here is the key to all learning. Design and Technology allows our children to express themselves as well as develop specific skills. As subject lead, I promise to ensure that every child has access to a rich curriculum where they are able to acquire and develop these skills.

I have worked hard to develop a curriculum for the children in our school that enables learning to be built upon and a wide range of skills to be developed. Each Design and Technology unit of work follows the teaching sequence of Explore, Design, Evaluate and Perform/Present. Specific vocabulary teaching is woven throughout these lessons and used in conversation with the children in order to encourage the use of subject specific language.

It is my experience that the children in our school thoroughly enjoy the Design and Technology opportunities that we offer whether this be through cross curricular activities or the specific skills that we teach in line with the National Curriculum. We aim to encourage the children to explore and develop their own ideas, as well as teach them how to evaluate the work of others as well as themselves. It is my hope that the children will leave Alexandra Infants’ with of a love of all things creative.

We use topic floor books to showcase the children’s learning in Design and Technology. We encourage the children to not only complete written evaluations of their work but also to demonstrate and talk about it, which we record using iPads and use links via QR codes to share this with others.


Link Governor – Mr A. Powell

Design and Technology Curriculum:

At Alexandra Infants’ School the Design and Technology curriculum is split into topics that ensure the skills and knowledge are developed as set out in the National Curriculum. Our school based curriculum drivers, the 5 E’s, develop the skills of the whole child and these are threaded throughout the art curriculum with a particular focus on Explore the World. Alongside this is our Alexandra Promise, a tool that we have recently introduced to help children to get to know themselves and embrace who they are so that they can choose how to be awesome, to excel, and how to stand out. The Alexandra Promise supports the art curriculum by providing children with activities such as:

· making a sandwich

· making a paper boat to see whether it floats

· making biscuits

· making chapattis

· making a puppet and putting on a puppet show

· making a den

· baking a cake

· making a mask

· making a home for an insect or small creature

Educational Experiences:

In order to promote a love for learning, educational visits and outside agencies are accessed to enhance the learning opportunities that we provide. Here are some of the activities we have used recently:

Going to Brampton Museum to learn about toys from the past and having the opportunity to make a toy.


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