Here at Alexandra Infants’ school we aim to prepare our pupils for the digital world.

Technology is changing the lives of everyone, through teaching computing we equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world that is increasingly transformed by technology.

Through the study of computing, children are able to develop a wide range of fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding that they will need for the rest of their lives.

As technology evolves we constantly update and adapt our e-Safety policy and teaching to meet the safety needs of the children in our care. In addition to agreeing to a set of e-Safety rules for acceptable ICT use, learners are taught how to become safe and responsible ICT users.

It is our intention to enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in an effect way.

Computing subject leader promise

My name is Miss Nicholls and I am the Computing subject leader at Alexandra Infants’ School. My promise to our children is to become, first and foremost, problem solvers while developing computational thinking so as to enable them to be as fully equipped as possible to engage with current and emerging technologies.

I have worked hard to develop a curriculum that is interesting, builds on prior learning and enables children to retrieve and apply previously taught skills.

I am passionate about children using technology to promote learning and sharing experiences through different learning and social media platforms.  At Alexandra Infants’ we use social media such as Facebook to celebrate our children and their achievements at school.

Our computing floor book celebrates the work that the children take part in and enables me to carefully monitor the quality of the computing curriculum.

Computing Curriculum

At Alexandra Infants’, the computing curriculum is split into topics. These topics ensure that the children gain the knowledge set out by the national curriculum. Our school is based on the following curriculum drivers, the 5 E’s, as they develop the skills of the holistic child and these are threaded throughout the computing curriculum by Expressing themselves through presentations and Engaging with others to complete the presentation. Children will also have the opportunity to Excel and Embrace their skills as well as Exploring the world through research using different forms of media.

Alongside this is our Alexandra Promise that supports our children’s educational experiences. Within the Alexandra promise, children will learn computing skills such as taking a picture, recording sounds using different recording devises and even learning a song in a different language. Children will learn how to use different medias in order to enhance their experiences whilst learning with us at Alexandra Infants’ School.

Our computing curriculum also links to the British values as follows,


  • Computing & ICT supports spiritual development by looking at how Computing & ICT can bring rapid benefits to discussions and tolerance to an individual’s beliefs. However, children are also exposed to the limitations and abuse of the internet where they question and justify the aims, values and principles of their own and others’ belief systems.


  • Computing & ICT supports moral development by looking at how Computing & ICT developments have had an impact on the environment as technology has meant that old ways of working have been changed to help the environment.


  • Computing & ICT supports social development by completing of group work within lessons as well as practical tasks. Children are required to understand about social media and the advantages these sites have brought as well as the numerous problems such as cyber bullying.


  • The development in technology has impacted different cultures and backgrounds in different ways. More developed countries are able to keep pace with the developments in technology whilst less developed ones can’t.

Educational Visits.

Children access a range of cross curricular experiences though out their time at Alexandra Infants School. During their time in Early Years the children are able to take pictures using ipads during environmental and local area walks. During KS1 as the children have opportunities to take part in educational experiences they use different forms of media to take pictures and recording which they can use as part of their topic the children also have login to access software from home such as TT rock Stars. We also have visitors come in to discuss with the children how to stay safe using the internet at home.

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Our Policies

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