F2 Class News

Welcome to the news page for our reception class. Here you will find information about our school day and what the children are learning.

Reception Timetable

Reception Curriculum Planning Autumn 1

Reception Curriculum Planning Autumn 2

Reception Curriculum Planning Spring 1

Reception Curriulum Planning Spring 2


  • To further enhance our curriculum, we have the ‘Alexandra Promise’, in which we set out a series of activities that promote other enriched learning opportunities for all children to experience whilst with us. Here are the activities mapped out for the year your child will participate in
Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2  Summer 1 Summer 2
Paint  a self portrait. Take a photograph.Look up on a map where you live. Trip to Barestone Fruit Farm. Visit Santa.Post a letter. Plant a bulb Firefighter Visit. Cinderella’s Ball.Visit to the library. Visit to a local place of worship – St James’ Church.Winter walk and play in the snow. Make a boat that floats. Dress up as a superhero. Grow beans. Make an Easter nest. Hatch caterpillars. Visit to a local place of worship – a Mosque.Retell a story to an audience. Trip to Peak Wildlife park. 



Learning Projects

These learning projects are set for the next 7 weeks to support your child in continuing their learning journey whilst at home. Thank you for your continued support.

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