Admission Arrangements

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Admission arrangements for Alexandra Infants school cover 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. The intended admissions limit for 2016/2017 into each year group is 60.

This number may only be exceeded if it does not contravene School Premises Regulations and the Headteacher can assure Governors that this would not affect the efficiency of education in any way.

In the event of over subscription the following criteria would apply:
i. Children living in our catchment area
ii. Children with siblings in our school
iii. Children who for reason of disability or by other exceptional circumstances of the child, (not the economic or social circumstances of the parents) would suffer hardship if they were unable to attend the school.
iv. Other pupils arranged in order of priority according to how near their home address is to the school.

We have one admission a year in September.

Children will be admitted to the school either via the nursery or straight into reception class.

A nursery place will be offered to pupils who reach the age of 4 years (provided there is a place available) by the end of the current academic year. (The admissions limit for Nursery is 39)

All children who reach the age of 5 years by the end of the current academic year will be offered a reception class place provided there is a place available.

Admission into Reception classes from own our nursery will take place at the beginning of September depending on the age/maturity of the child.

Transfer from Reception into Year 1 (Key Stage 1) will be in September only.

Parents wishing to apply for a place at our school should contact the Office and complete the relevant admission forms. Office staff can advise on places available and what to do next if we are unable to offer a place for your child.
Parents are able to find out further details of school admissions arrangements through Stoke-on-Trent education authority.