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Name of Governor Type of Governor Date of Appointment Term of Office Roles in Other Schools Business Interest Declared
Mr Matthew Bennett (Co-opt) 01/12/2015 4 years
 Mrs Alison Cotton (Co-opt) 01/12/2015 4 years
 Ms Alison Dando (Co-opt) 01/12/2015 4 years
 Mrs Julie Gilson (Co-opt) 10/12/2015 4 years Declared
 Mr Paddy Guest (Associate) 21/01/2016 4 years Declared
 Mrs Dawn Shaw (Head teacher) 01/09/2015 Co-opt at Alexandra Infants
 Mrs Wendy Botham (Observer) 16/12/2015 4 years
Mrs A Lupton (Co-opt) 19/11/2015 4 years
Mrs S Adams (Staff) 21/10/2014 4 years Co-opt at Westfield Nursery School
Mr P Jackson (Co-opt) 21/05/2015 Stepped down on 24/11/2015
Mr J Ruszkowski (Co-opt) 21/05/2015 Stepped down on 24/11/2015
Mr A Meir (Co-opt) 21/05/2015 Stepped down on 22/11/2015
Mr R K Sidley (LA) 01/10/2013 Stepped down on 22/11/2015
Ms S Shahban (Parent) 07/03/2014 Stepped down on 24/11/2015
Mrs R Younis (Parent) 23/01/2012 Stepped down on 24/11/2015
Miss L Pennington (HT) 21/05/2015 Stepped down on 03/07/2015

Unless stated, our Governors have no business, pecuniary or material interests to declare.