Alexandra Infants' School Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs D.S. Shaw – Acting Executive Head
Mrs A. Lupton – Acting Head of School
Mrs A. Smith – Assistant Head Teacher

Office Team
Mrs W. Botham – School Business Manager
Mrs W. Wowra – Clerical Assistant
Mrs S. Brough – Clerical Assistant
Miss K. Ralphs – Reprographics and Learning Environment Co-ordinator

Premises Team
Mr A. Kambala – Assistant Site Supervisor

Behaviour, Safety and Welfare Support Team
Mrs S. Adams – Home School Link Worker
Miss L. Mikulasova – Bilingual Support Assistant for Families and Children

Foundation Stage Team

Foundation Stage One – The Rainbows
Miss J. Garnham- Class Teacher
Mrs T. Weston – Early Years Practitioner
Mrs C. Chomyn – Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs J. Davies – Learning Support Practitioner

Foundation Stage Two – The Blue Stars and The Yellow Stars
Miss A. Smith – Foundation Stage Leader
Mrs G. Khalid – Class Teacher
Mrs E. Degg – Class Teacher
Mrs R. Bi – Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Year 1 – Rockets and Spaceships
Mr A. Meir – Class Teacher
Miss H. Thompson – Class Teacher
Miss N. Akhtar – Bilingual Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Murphy – Senior Teaching Assistant

Year 2 – Challengers and Explorers
Miss S. Allan – Class Teacher
Mrs E. Decicco – Class Teacher
Miss S. Sardar – Bilingual Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Karim- Bilingual Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Gifford – Senior Teaching Assistant

Catering Team
Mrs G. Sullivan
Mrs L. Sheriden
Miss C. Jackson

Midday Supervisors
Mrs J. Copeland – Senior Supervisor
Mrs Z. Ali
Miss C. Thomson
Mrs S. Basharat
Mrs S. Bibi
Mrs M. Jalil
Mrs Z.P. Ali
Mrs L. Johnson
Mrs F. Zahoor
Miss S. Williams

Cleaning Team
Mrs C. Osowiecki – Senior Cleaner
Mrs L. Sheriden
Mrs Roden